50 Reasons Lexington Is Awesome

Folks, you may have noticed that things have been slightly quiet on the blog front lately. That’s because we’ve been working hard on a new project, 50 Reasons Lexington Is Awesome, to help celebrate the launch of OurCommonPlace Lexington.  Head over to our Facebook page to check it out:


Show your Lexington pride by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ — and suggest your own reasons! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

–Chava, Community Organizer for OurCommonPlace Lexington

OurCommonPlace is a national organization devoted to revitalizing the spirit of local community engagement in towns and cities across America.  We recently launched Lexington.OurCommonPlace.com, a safe and free ‘common place’ online that makes it delightfully easy for neighbors and leaders in Lexington to share, discuss and connect. Register now and start receiving a daily email written by your neighbors and leaders in town at www.Lexington.OurCommonPlace.com

Lexington Civic Heroes: The LHS Landscaping Committee

The Landscaping Committee hard at work!

If you visited Lexington High School ten years ago, you may have seen a campus that was closer to resembling “a giant mud pile” than the thriving, beautiful botanical garden it is today.  How did this transformation happen?  A lot of shovels, a lot of mulch, and a lot of work from the Lexington High School Landscaping Committee. Continue reading

Guest Blog by Lexingtonian Kate Gill: Where is Emery Park?

Where is Emery Park?

A guest blog for Lexington Civic Heroes by Lexingtonian Kate Gill

Whether you’re a local or new to our town, you wouldn’t need to consult your GPS to find Depot Square. The gleaming white structure that is now the headquarters for our Historical Society sits proudly in Lexington center. But if someone asked you to meet them at Emery Park, you might ponder the location based solely upon its name. Continue reading

Would you like to write a guest blog post for “Voices of Lexington”?

Hi Lexington neighbors! If you’d like to share your voice with the Lexington community, now’s your chance: you can write a guest blog post as part of a “Voices of Lexington” series on the OurCommonPlace Lexington Civic Heroes blog!  Continue reading

He’s With The Band: Jeffrey Leonard and the Music of Lexington

Lexington Civic Hero Jeffrey Leonard shares his love of music with the Lexington community

If you’ve ever been entertained by the lively marching band at a Lexington parade, relaxed in Hastings Park for a summer evening of music with the Lexington Bicentennial Band, or enjoyed the musical performances of Lexington public school students, then you can thank Lexington Civic Hero Jeffrey LeonardJeff has been serving the Lexington community for over 30 years, as a teacher, conductor, director, and administrator with a great passion for musical education.

Continue reading

Welcome to the Lexington Civic Heroes blog!

Welcome to the Lexington Civic Heroes blog, a place to discover and celebrate civic excellence in Lexington, MA! We’ve devoted this special section of the OurCommonPlace platform to shine the spotlight on our neighbors and fellow civic enthusiasts.

Each week we’ll be featuring new profiles on different people in town – those who bring up the issues that have prompted community conversations, who contribute their time to helping others, and who create exciting civic opportunities in Lexington. Our goal is to provide our neighbors in Lexington with an opportunity to learn about one another, and to highlight the individual contributions of those who dedicate their time to making life better for other people.

Keep up with our blog and subscribe to our Community Feed on OurCommonPlace to follow us on this exciting journey, as we shine the spotlight on Lexington’s Civic Heroes!

OurCommonPlace is a national civic organization that aims to revitalize the spirit of local community engagement in towns and cities across the country. We launched Lexington.OurCommonPlace.com — Lexington’s first community web platform – to create a ‘common place’ online that makes it delightfully easy for neighbors and local leaders to share community information, like needs, announcements, and events, with the people around them. Register now and start receiving a daily email written by your neighbors and leaders in town at Lexington.OurCommonPlace.com.